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Music transcription and editing....

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$ 59/mo


Create background-free music tutorials quickly....

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$ 10/mo


Generated music samples without effort....

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PlaylistName AI

Design engaging music playlist names with the mood-specific PlaylistName AI generator...

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Chat Jams

Customized playlists based on musical preferences....

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Spot A Like

Generate a personalized Spotify playlist based on your favorite songs or artists...

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$ 9.99


Text to Music is an AI tool that allows users to generate audio by providing written prompts or desc...


Drumloop AI

Generate Drum Loops with AI Technology...

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AI Jingle Generator

Instantly generate unique jingles for radio, podcasts, and more....

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$ 6.59/mo

Muzaic Studio

AI-generated, copyright-protected music tailored to your videos, created by professional musicians....

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Songs Like X

Get personalized playlists of similar songs to your favorite track with our tool...

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$ 8.99/mo

AI Drake

Create AI covers songs as seen on TikTok, YouTube and many other platforms!...

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Auto Ye AI

AI-powered lyric generator for creating lyrics inspired by Kanye West songs....

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$ 20/mo


Edited audio files....

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$ 5/mo

Lyrical Labs

Summarizes long docs into key points for easy reading....

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Mix Check Studio

Analyzed audio feedback for music mixing....

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Setlist Predictor

Forecasts concert setlists for fans....

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Music video quiz creation and playing....

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Uninterrupted, Ad-Free Music to Match Your Mood...

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Music making has never been so easy and fun, with the power of AI...

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ExtendMusic.AI is an AI tool that allows music creators to enhance and extend their original composi...

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Spotify data analysis through natural language text....

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Discover generative AI for musicians...

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Learn more about Music AI Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are used in software programs known as "music AI tools" to help composers, performers, and music producers with their musical works. Automated creation, audio analysis, and in-the-moment performance evaluation are just a few of the capabilities these technologies provide to enhance the quality of the music. They may be used in many different fields, including music composition, film score, and video game creation. The capacity of music AI technologies to autonomously create music is among their most intriguing features. These instruments employ machine-learning algorithms to examine already-written music and spot patterns like chord progressions, melodic lines, and rhythmic rhythms. Afterward, they may create new compositions that are stylistically or musically related to the original music using the data they have collected. In addition to offering new and innovative ideas for music production, this may save musicians and producers a considerable lot of time and work throughout the composition process. The capability of music AI systems to analyze audio and recognize components like key, speed, and melody is a further crucial aspect. With this knowledge, you may compose chord progressions and harmonies that go well with the melody, giving your music a more polished and well-rounded feel. In addition to identifying beats and other musical aspects from audio, music AI technologies may also assist artists and producers create more complex and intriguing songs by pointing out rhythmic patterns and other musical elements. Real-time performance analysis is a key component of AI systems for music. These tools are helpful for going through live performance elements including timing, dynamics, and pitch. Artists may be able to identify their assets and potential growth areas in this way. Not to mention, music AI technology may also be helpful for mixing and mastering. They may offer real-time comments and suggestions for changes on elements like EQ, compression, and effects in order to improve the music's overall audio quality. In conclusion, music AI technologies are useful tools for musicians and music producers who wish to hasten the process of creating music, generate fresh, creative ideas, and improve the overall quality of their work. The area of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to continue to advance, leading to more advancements in AI-based music technologies.