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Enzyme empowers the masses to launch in web3 with all-in-one platform to discover, deploy and manage smart contracts and no technical knowledge required. On the platform you can: 1. **Discover:** Hundreds of pre-built and securely audited smart contracts for pretty much anything, ready to be deployed instantly. 2. **Deploy:** No blockchain experience required to deploy on-chain. Currently supporting Ethereum and Polygon. 3. **Manage:** Manage every aspect of your smart contracts effortlessly. Even the imported ones. Public and private shareable dashboards available. You can also import your contract to the platform and manage it from here, build and ship no-code customizable salespages for your digital collectibles or simply embed a minting button to your own website in seconds. It’s free to start - deploy or import up to 2 smart contracts. We offer two paid plans to cover your next big web3 projects with tons of additional features. If any of you end up building web3 using Enzyme or you’re curious to check it out - feel free to join our discord or hit us for support at [email protected]


Paid plans start from
$ 58/mo
#Freemium #Discord Community #No Signup Required

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